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Based on the Blockchain technology, Stoby rethinks and simplifies the way students find punctual jobs. Our Smart Contracts support the student certifications, which ensure the total transparency of the collaborative economy.

Find here our documents, and learn more about Stoby. Don’t miss your chance to participate !

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Blockchain certification

Stoby certification is a document we create for students to attest their expertise and experiences level on the platform.

Why putting the certifications on the blockchain?We want to use immutability and security of public blockchains to make our certification totally unfalsifiable and timestamped.

Creation of an online shop

Our token will allow users to buy or rent items related to our services.

Why paying with the STB Token?Paying with STB tokens will allow cheaper transactions and to be delivered faster on the Stoby shop.

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0 fees

If you own more than 15,000 STBs, you will have no platform fees.


Premium services

If you own more than 7500 STB’s, you will have access to premium and exclusive services.


Highlighting Jobs

If you pay students with STB token your service offer is automatically highlighted on the platform and you have access to the best profiles faster.

We have a MVP

  • Payment system on the platform
  • Users' dashboard
  • Internal messaging system
  • Geolocated missions
  • Notifications system
We have a MVP


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January 2021 Deployment on the italian market February 2020 Deployment on the english and german market November 2019 Deployment on the spanish market May 2019 Student's certification integration on the website April 2019 Token payment interface integration February 2019 STB listed on the exchange January - February 2019 Sales and technical team recruiting End of 2018 ICO ending End of September 2018 Announcement of the pre-sale and Crowdsale date September 2018 Creation of the Smart Contracts July 2018 ICO Communication May 2018 ICO website creation

Our vision

Our vision

Stoby’s mission is to provide all its support for an optimal deployment of the token in the student environment.

Our role will be to facilitate its access and exchange, both on and outside the platform.

In the coming years, we will strive to communicate and make partnerships with different student organizations for them to accept and re-use our token.

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Julien Labatut
Julien Labatut linkedin pictogram

Co Founder & CEO

Bertrand Tisseire
Bertrand Tisseire linkedin pictogram

Co Founder & CFO

Julien Labatut
Thomas Mazières linkedin pictogram

Co Founder & CMO

Julien Labatut
Alexandre Regourd linkedin pictogram

Project Manager ICO

Anaël Desmons
Anaël Desmons linkedin pictogram

UI/UX Expert

Pierre Cruz
Pierre Cruz linkedin pictogram

Fullstack Developer

Adrien Barbanson
Adrien Barbanson linkedin pictogram

Solidity Developer & Smart Contract Architect

Hannad Lee
Hannah Lee linkedin pictogram

Head of communication ICO

Adrien Soumagne
Adrien Soumagne linkedin pictogram

Lawyer at the Paris bar

Loïc Perez
Loïc Perez linkedin pictogram

Chartered Accountant


Quentin Austry
Quentin Austry linkedin pictogram

Trader in structured finance products NY

Guillaume Duluc
Guillaume Duluc linkedin pictogram

Crypto Currency / Blockchain Consultant

Quentin Herbrecht
Quentin Herbrecht linkedin pictogram

ICO Marketing Expert

Tinh Tran
Tinh Tran linkedin pictogram

Communication Manager

Philippe Coste
Philippe Coste linkedin pictogram

Head of Innovation Operations at Epitech / General manager of French Tech Toulouse

Warren Whitlock
Warren Whitlock linkedin pictogram

Crypto Influencer / Marketing consultant

Jeremy Nicolas Martin
Jeremy Nicolas Martin linkedin pictogram

Scientist researcher in mathematics, information and economic sciences